Boston Marathon Tragedy


I don’t know if this has come across much in this blog, but Karla and I are both from Boston, so yesterday’s bombings have left us feeling shaken and sad. We have seen the Boston Marathon numerous times, we go to church on that very same street corner, and grew up in the neighborhood.

Thankfully everyone we know is safe and sound, and most of them were able to get home last night, but I think I speak for Karla too when I say, our hearts are heavy today, but we’re very proud to be Bostonians.


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  1. Karla M.

    Lauren, thank you. I couldn’t have said it better myself. It was horrific tragedy and I was touched by the many people who called and messaged me to ask if my family and friends were safe back in Boston. Although its true we don’t need events like this to happen in order to see the good in people (for what generosity and love that come out of it), it definitely reassured me there is so much love and together we are a force that no hate can dismantle. I love you Bostonians and yes, I am so proud to be one of you. Stay strong.

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