European Delights

Hi Sis,

This week Dennis’s uncle Martijn is in town from Utrecht, Holland. He brought with him some treats that are very typically dutch: Stroopwafels, fair trade (slave-free) chocolate, licorice drops, and hagelslag! You’ve probably had stoopwafels before because they sell them everywhere now. I’ve seen mini ones at Trader Joe’s and specialty stores have good ones too. They are just gooey caramel-filled waffles, delicious. The licorice drops (or Scheepsknopen) are definitely an acquired taste, but anyone who likes strong licorice would love them. Apparently the dutch can go through a whole box in a day! The chocolate is a lot like specialty brands you can find here (but getting chocolate from Europe is always such a treat). However, hagelslag (chocolate sprinkles) is something I’ve only seen in Holland and they put it on warm toast or a baguette in the morning, like in the picture. So good! Just thought I’d share these with you, since I always love coming across foreign brand goodies— maybe because they seem so much better than the ones here! I can’t wait to search the supermarket shelves for some new and interesting things when we’re in Copenhagen/Stockholm this summer! Oh, and I’ve been getting some good tips on things to do in Copenhagen from my good friend who studied there! I’ll be sure to share what I find.



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