Crazy for Kale

Hi Lauren,

This week Dennis took off to Germany to do his interview at the University of Heidelberg, so I’ve been eating out quite a bit and trying to use up what I have in the fridge to avoid going grocery shopping. I found a huge head of kale so I had some fun and tried to spice it up with a few other things I had lying around. Both of these recipes turned out to be delicious! And the fried chicken/sweet potato curry was awesome too!

Kale & Parmesan

A bunch of kale

Olive oil


Toasted sunflower seeds

Grated parmesan cheese

Steam kale with a little bit of water, olive oil and salt for 10 min. Add raisins and steam with lid on for another 5 min. Add sunflower seeds and grate lots of fresh parmesan on top. Let it melt, and add some more. Use as a side green- it’s excellent with some fried chicken and curry which I had with it.

Spring Vegetables a la Quinoa

Bunch of kale

Carrots, chopped

Kalmata olives, chopped

Corn (I use frozen)

Garbanzo beans

Flat leaf parsley

Herbed chicken

Steam kale and carrots with a tiny bit of water and kosher salt for 15 min. Cook or fry chicken with lots of herbs and lemon, cook quinoa, and add the rest of ingredients to the kale. Serve quinoa and veggies together or separate. Top with fresh herbs and love.

p.s. I dont know if you’ve looked on my crowdrise page recently, but I’ve raised over $850 towards the new book on food justice! I can’t believe it… and you are so awesome for having contributed. Just thought I’d add that!


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