Field of Greens

My goodness, this week has been crazy. Not only because of what I already mentioned to you, but I’m now in San Francisco and leave tomorrow for Napa! I’m also trying to juggle these internships, classes, and eat healthy meals along the way. Not so easy, but I did manage to crank out this amazing platter of veggies and other good stuff last night so my precious greens wouldn’t go to waste while I’m away. 

I love these nutrient-packed meals for a few reasons 1) they are super easy and 2) they are beautiful and you can mix and match tastes, textures, just like a cheese plate… except you can eat more! and 3) It reminds me of the kinds of dinners mom used to make all the time when we sat and watched movies/tv while we ate (which was not often, but surely memorable)

As you know, you can put any myriad of different things. Here is what I put, and I paired it with my homemade french loaf and aged cheddar cheese… and a beer of course. Can’t get too healthy now.

Field of Greens

greens dressed with olive oil and lemon, raw heirloom tomatoes, chopped carrots, raw salted cucumbers, artichokes marinated in olive oil and herbs, kalamata olives, and pan-fried chicken tenders with lots of spices, chili and fresh italian parsley

So thats it! Super simple and very delicious. I recommend keeping lots of canned vegetables in the cupboard (hearts of palm, red pepper, artichokes, olives, beans) so you can pull them out to make a spontaneous and plentiful field of greens! 



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